Feb. 1st, 2012 10:32 pm
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I did something last week that I did not think I would ever do.

That's right, I JOINED A GYM.

Admittedly the main draw was yoga classes two nights a week. I've been somewhat keeping up with doing yoga DVDs at home, but it's much nicer to have a real live instructor with some variety, and a place to do yoga that is fully carpeted.

(Oh man, this floor. I'm fairly sure my basement apartment is cinderblocks under minimal insulation under hard, shiny tile - 3 mm of yoga mat, even 3 mm of yoga mat plus a towel, is not enough to make it stop destroying my wrists and toes. It has already literally decimated the glass objects I owned when I moved in.)

So, back to the gym - it's clear from my immediate impressions that the only gym-like structures I've entered for the last, oh, seven years have been Icelandic swimming pools. What? Shoes allowed in the locker room?? What, I have to bring my own lock?? Individual shower stalls? Changing rooms?? It's like I'm living in a repressed society with unhealthy body image issues that paradoxically glorifies self-centered autonomy! Or something.

Anyway, this is all a prelude to: I CAN almost DO PUSH-UPS NOW! \o/!
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1. I've spent a significant portion of the last two days starting to clear out my cube! I know, I still have nearly two months of work left - but it feels really good to do.

2. Bingley submitted to a Darcy-licking for a whole twenty seconds last night! (My kitties are really not affectionate with each other - they never snuggle (unless they're in the car or at the vet's, and terrified) and they hardly ever groom.) Yay, good girls!

3. I've realized that when Bingley hops in bed in the morning and tries to burrow under my armpit, she's not actually burrowing - she's in momma-cat mode, trying to make me get up. I am just a tiny bit too heavy for her, I think! It's adorable.

4. It's Dreamwidth Open Beta Day! Yay! I'll be in class when the actual opening time rolls around. If you need a code, I should have some after 9 PM EDT tonight (or whenever I get home), I think? Or very soon thereafter. Comment and I'll do my best to get you one! Sometime soon - hopefully tonight - I intend to make an actual Introduction To Me post, so watch for that, if I'm not exhausted. In the meantime, make some Dreamwidth cookies!

Thing Not Making Me Happy:

1. I misremembered and will, in fact, owe rent for July. Arg!


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