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The K-T Boundary ([personal profile] katycat) wrote2012-02-04 06:35 pm

BPL sale

Books I got at the Boston Public Library book sale this morning:

Seven Theories of Human Nature: Christianity, Freud, Lorenz, Marx, Sartre, Skinner, Plato Leslie Stevenson 1988 (Started it on the T - fairly readable, he has an interesting and fairly clear approach to explaining, dissecting, critiquing, and comparing these guys in under 150 pages)

The Evolution of Economic Ideas (Modern Cambridge Economics Series) Phyllis Deane 1978

American House Styles: A Concise Guide John Milnes Baker 1994 (This is going to work with me, and may end up a donation to the MHC GIS lab)

Capitalism and the Information Age: The Political Economy of the Global Communication Revolution Robert D. McChesney 1998

The Invention of Tradition (Past and Present Publications) Hobsbawm (ed) 1984

Chicago's famous buildings; a photographic guide to the city's architectural landmarks and other notable buildings Arthur S. Siegel 1965

How Nancy Jackson Married Kate Wilson and Other Tales of Rebellious Girls and Daring Young Women Mark Twain 2001

Women of the Andes: Patriarchy and Social Change in Two Peruvian Towns (Women and Culture Series) Susan C. Bourque 1981

Floods, Famines and Emperors Brian Fagan 2000

Spice: The History of a Temptation Jack Turner 2004

Codices of Mexico and their extraordinary history (Panorama) Marìa Sten 1978

How to Play the Flute Howard Harrison 1983

The Penny Whistle Book (Penny & Tin Whistle) Robin Williamson 1977

1940-1945 Danmark: Dette skete under Danmarks frihedskamp / This happened during Denmark's Fight for Freedom Jørgen Hæstrup 1960 Also in German and French. (I'm not sure what or why this book is, but I couldn't resist it. It seems to be a quad-lingual photo-based history of Denmark in WWII, published by the National Museum. I'm the only LibraryThing user who owns it! (I love when that happens.))

Environmental Geology Carla Montgomery 2005

Visual Explanations: Images and Quantities, Evidence and Narrative Edward R. Tufte 1997 (This was in the expensive section - I talked them down to $10, but I think it's worth it)

And then I got a haircut! It's super short again - and at the moment, it's lying flat and really cute, but that will only last until the next time I wash it. I'd planned to get it cut before the summer field season, but I suddenly have some fieldwork in Dominica coming up next month, so I went ahead and did it now. I'd psyched myself up for a $50 haircut, but it turned out I had ten inches to spare, so I've got a ponytail (currently drying) to be sent to Locks of Love on Monday -- and a free haircut! (I left a pretty good tip.)